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Singapore FinTech Festival: " I've never seen so much innovation in one place"

by Magda CHELLY November 15, 2017

Singapore FinTech Festival:

Singapore economy is benefiting from an amazing environment of solid economic growth, and this Fintech Festival is a real proof. Being an Asian hub, and one of the World’s greatest innovative countries, Singapore attracted with the Fintech Festival more than 25,000 participants from over 100 countries.

" I've never seen so much innovation in one place", said Magda Chelly, Managing Director at Responsible Cyber. “We have been amazed by the interest towards cyber security, in general, and blockchain, in particular.”


In the picture, Magda Chelly, Managing Director, Responsible Cyber


The technological changes are accumulating faster and faster. It transforms the dynamics of growth globally and the current landscape. Therefore, a festival like the FinTech festival is THE opportunity to meet and greet all new start-ups and big players.

On the other hand, this Festival, on its 2nd edition had a special connotation this year. In fact, Responsible Cyber had been part of major events, involving Poland. Poland has been an active actor during this festival edition.

First, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency had a booth, presenting cutting-edge solutions from Polish start-ups. The Polish Agency helps investors to penetrate the Polish market and discover local opportunities. The agency provides fast access to complete information regarding the local economic and legal environment for investments, as well as an assistance in finding the right partners and suppliers in Poland. The agency has created a network of Regional Investor Service Centers (COIs) all over Poland with the aim to improve the quality of services for investors.



The Polish Agency promotes also Polish products and services. At the FinTech, the agency presented four new start-ups willing to start operations within the Asian market with their services and solutions.


Meet Fintech From Poland


Billon created a revolutionary distributed technology to deliver regulated blockchain solutions serving banks, corporate users, merchants, and individual consumers. The company uses everyday currencies, ensures ultra-low fixed costs and offers regulatory compliance as well as compatibility with existing financial services solutions.

  • Customers: IQS, Philip MorrisTwitch.tv, Fyrestore. Technology
  • Partner: Microsoft
  • www.billongroup.com

Cyber Productivity

CyberProductivity is a provider of Bank Branded Accounting Platforms (BBAP) with cash flow management tools cashDirector) for banks serving MICRO & SMB clients - as an innovative add-on to existing online banking.

  • Customers: E&Y, PwC, Orange, TMF
  • www.cyberproductivity.com


Mobile banking made by Fintech Finanteq focuses on mobile innovations for banks. As per Deloitte, it is one of the top FinTech companies in Poland. Its mobile banking platforms are used by major banking groups in the country and around the World.

Product portfolio:

- Mobile Banking Platform for retail and business banking including stock exchange, forex and token solutions
- SuperWallet – a marketplace for mobile banking which contains remote bus ticketing, parking fees, everyday grocery shopping, etc.
- Pocket Branch- a complete sales process in a virtual branch
  • Customers: Credit Agricole, Santander, Danske Bank, Unicredit, National Bank of Kuwait, mBank, BNP Paribas
  • www.finanteq.com


Multicurrency payment card for business and personal use IgoriaCard is a prepaid card allowing worldwide payments in 17 currencies with currency auto-adjustment and immediate savings. IgoriaCard is convenient for travelling as well as online payments. It’s available as classic card (chip and NFC) or virtual prepaid card, with the support of a dedicated mobile application for tracking expenses.

  • www.igoriatrade.com

Responsible Cyber

Responsible Cyber provides cyber security advisory and training. The company is working with companies around the World, in the insurance and financial sector as well as other sectors like pharmaceutical and logistics. In addition, the company specializes itself in cyber security training, offering cyber awareness, through an end-user profiling approach and technical cross training for corporate.

Service & Product portfolio:

  • CISO As A Service
  • ISO advisory
  • Cloud Security (AWS, Google, Microsoft)
  • Cyber Security Awareness (Phishing simulations, Videos, campaigns, etc)
  • Cyber Security Cross-Training: Cybrary platform (TEAMS) with 120 virtual labs and video courses for all cyber security technical domains, from penetration testing to secure coding.
Responsible Cyber is a Singapore based company.
  • www.responsible-cyber.com


 In the picture, Sonia Wedrychowicz, (Managing Director, Head of DBS Consumer Bank Technology Singapore), and Magda Chelly, Managing Director, Responsible Cyber

Second, the FinTech Festival was hosting the ceremony for signing a Fintech cooperation agreement between the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Polish Supervision Authority (KNF).  This event marked a milestone for a mutual collaboration between the two countries in the Fintech space!

The agreement was signed by Marek Chrzanowski (Chairman of KNF) and Jacqueline Loh (Deputy Managing Director MAS). MAS Chief Fintech Officer Sopnendu Mohanty was as well briefly present during the ceremony.


  In the picture Magda Chelly, Managing Director, Responsible Cyber

The ceremony was followed by a networking reception on Wednesday, 15th November 2017 from 13.00 to 14.30 hrs, at the Singapore EXPO MAX Atria Opal Room.


MAS AND KNF bilateral FinTech Co-operation Agreement

The agreement will allow both institutions; MAS and KNF to provide recommendations to FinTech players and provide support to these companies to better understand the regulatory regime in each of the jurisdictions. MAS and KNF will also jointly implement innovative projects, as well as exchange information on trends in the market development and its impact on the regulatory sphere.


 In the picture, Jacqueline Loh (Deputy Managing Director MAS),  and Marek Chrzanowski (Chairman of KNF) 

The agreement will create opportunities for FinTech companies from Poland and Singapore to expand their manoeuvres to both markets. Poland has an exclusive economic microclimate encouraging financial innovation. The KNF plays an active role in supporting the development of the FinTech sector in Poland. The MAS supports sustainable economic growth by pursuing monetary policies and strict macroeconomic rules. As the financial supervisor, MAS supports the development of infrastructure, innovation adoption, technology implementation and development of competence in the financial industry.


The mutual disclosure of financial innovations between the KNF and the MAS will allow to understand and monitor any technological change in the financial market. Today marks a new era and a great collaboration between exceptionally innovative countries: Singapore and Poland !



In the picture from left to right: Jacqueline Loh (Deputy Managing Director MAS), Sonia Wedrychowicz, (Managing Director, Head of DBS Consumer Bank Technology Singapore), and Marek Chrzanowski (Chairman of KNF) 


Na Zdrowie !






Magda Lilia Chelly, is the Managing Director of Responsible Cyber Pte. by day, and a cyber feminist hacker by night.

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