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What is Woman In Cyber coaching and mentoring and how does a session take place?

  1. Exchange and analyse of your situation 
  2. Customized action plan for your needs
  3. Answers to your questions 
  4. Face to Face meeting or online video session 


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A coach can give a female-professional the support she needs while she builds her career in cyber security. Many female professionals have learned that by working with a mentor or a coach. A mentor can share insights and tips, as well as bring the right positive approach towards a successful progression in cyber security. 

One of the biggest challenges, female professional face in the sector is the lack of other female support, in a male-dominated industry. Fortunately, technology has come up with an answer and allow us to support and help even from the other corner of the World.

Woman In Cyber empowers other women from all communities to grow in the cyber security industry and succeed. Through this platform, students, professionals or managers meet with mentors one on one, either online or in person. The end result is a strong connection that encourages women professionals to pursue their dreams and their career in an amazing industry. 

What Woman In Cyber can do: 

  1. Education: We provide you with a customized curriculum to pursue your dream job in cyber security. 
  2. Career Development: We help you build your career strategy, and next promotion. 
  3. Leadership: We define with you KPIs, providing you insights on how to migrate from middle management to leadership positions in the industry. 
  4. Entrepreneurship: We support women building their startups in the cyber security field. 


This is YOUR platform helping to connect mentors and mentees in the cyber security space. 


Do you have a question about coaching or would you like to receive clarifications, get in touch: info @ responsible - cyber . com 


The Founder Biography: 

Magda Lilia Chelly, is the Managing Director of Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. by day, and a cyber feminist hacker by night. As part of Magda’s company services, CISO On Demand is the most popular. Magda spends most of her time supporting chief information security officers in their cyber security strategy and roadmap. She reviews technical architectures, cloud migrations, and digital transformations. Magda with her expertise, and technical background provides a 360 degrees cyber security support for companies; from governance to incident management, she coordinates and builds resilience businesses aligning best teams in order to provide the most suitable solutions for her clients. She is continuously raising cyber security awareness & diversity at a global scale. Her clients vary from Fortune 500 companies to Medium Size Local Businesses, to high tech innovative start-ups.

She is currently based in Singapore, with a global reach. She speaks five languages fluently and has a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering with a subsequent specialization in cyber security. She also was recently nominated as global leader of the year at the Women in IT Awards 2017, and TOP 50 cyber security influencer globally, as well as TOP 58 Women In Cyber Security to Follow on Twitter and TOP Cyber Security Experts alongside with Kevin Mitnick, and Brian Krebs.

Magda’s achievements are various, and international:

  1. She is awarded TOP 50 International cyber security influencer, internationally as per below link: https://www.ifsecglobal.com/top-50-influencers-security-fire-2017-cybersecurity/
  2. She is the official RSAC APJ Ambassador for 2018: https://www.rsaconference.com/blogs/qa-series-with-rsac-apj-ambassador-magda-chelly
  3. She is TOP 58 Women In Cyber Security to Follow on Twitter: https://cybersecurityventures.com/58-women-in-cybersecurity-to-follow-on-twitter-and-more-names-on-the-way
  4. She is TOP 20 Cyber Security Experts: https://cybersecurityventures.com/top-20-cybersecurity-experts-to-follow/
  5. She has been awarded CISO Of The Week by Cyber Startup Observatory: https://cyberstartupobservatory.com/cyber-startup-observatory-ciso-of-the-week-magda-lilia-chelly-managing-director-of-responsible-cyber
  6. She is a trainer with Singapore Business Federation. See link: http://www.sbi.org.sg/event/steps-to-build-a-cyber-security-strategy-2/?instance_id=778
  7. She is an official contributor and brand ambassador on one of the major worldwide known cyber security platform peerlyst.com.
  8. She founded a diversity platform ‘’ Woman In Cyber’’: http://woman-in-cyber.com, where she encourages diversity and inclusion Woman In Cyber