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Our story with CyberFeminism: What now is a trend



Magda followed the "traditional path". She went to an engineering school, continued with her Master degree, and then a PhD in telecommunication engineering. After graduation, she got a corporate job. This was back in 2007. She thought, is it all? Days were similar and nothing much was changing. However, she was passionate about one main area: cyber security. Let’s admit it, it was what we call script kidding at that time. She played around, trying to force email services, and of course played the game and won the challenge.

Magda wondered about her corporate life and how it looked like. As a consultant, it was a very typical corporate 9-5 job. A 9-7 job… She was thinking, there must be a better way to evolve in a career that she would like and enjoy every day, and make a change.

Became an idea

Magda believed in a cause, whenever she was performing and educating users around topics that she would know and be passionate about. When she moved to Singapore and founded her own company Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd., her main focus was her company and business development in the cyberspace, as well as consulting herself. However, very quickly after, she realized the current lack of women in cybersecurity. It was clear that Magda wasn’t alone in her disappointment regarding the subject. People from around the world requesting advise and additional support to fight discrimination, and sexism in the cybersecurity space were writing every day on LinkedIn.

Therefore, she decided to encourage and empower women in the field. While thinking about the subject, she called herself a CyberFeminist on LinkedIn. This was a turnaround point.


Strangers started asking her about the meaning, and the goal behind it. Below rare negative feedback, Magda did not expect such an amazing support for her cause from all over the World.

Faced with the reality of big struggle to get diversity in the field, as well as recognition, she founded a movement: CyberFeminism.  

Magda is building a new model of advisory where women empowerment in the security space has a different dimension. Set on values and differentiation, it brings positivity, diversity, and excellence within a space being predominantly filled by male colleagues.

And CyberFeminism was born !

Magda moved a title from a LinkedIn profile to a real movement where women help each other, mentor, educate, and encourage to escalate the corporate ladder or the entrepreneurship adventure.

Magda’s company is providing cyber security advisory, training, and recruitment. Nonetheless, this did not match the cause and movement. In 2017, Magda launched a movement.

Woman In Cyber was the materialisation of cyberfeminism.

This platform is a platform for all women aspiring to start or evolve in a cybersecurity career, building their credibility and brand in the field. They will be able to create valuable and long-lasting networks. The goal of the platform is giving women from the World, no matter of age, career or any other criteria, apart from passion, the opportunity to learn and make a difference with us in the cyberspace.

The CyberFeminist Revolution is here!

Every day thousands of people are viewing the platform and Magda’s profile asking about diversity and how to start.

A good start can be as small as explaining to kids, the meaning of cybersecurity, or mentoring a young student and helping her get into cybersecurity with an internship.  A better one would be building up diversity programs in cyber security, with seminars, and inclusion projects. Another one would be getting the kids, t-shirts with cybersecurity quotes.

Woman In Cyber does not only bring the movement, it is a platform for the perfect change, diversity and inspiration. It helps reforming the cybersecurity space, and giving equal opportunities to every woman who would like to join the movement.

Michelle Mosey, Senior Advisor Cyber Security, at the National Security College, ANU, was one of the first allies of the movement with a t-shirt acquired on the website:


 Michelle Mosey

Ralph P. Sita, Jr., CPA, the CEO / Co-Founder at Cybrary, the biggest cyber security open source educational platform has encouraged the movement as well with a mug:


Many are following and helping build a more diversified and equal ecosystem. 

Start today, and make a change with Woman In Cyber: Mentoring, Diversity Programs, and Educational Support.